Causes of Frozen AC and how to Overcome It

As an AC user or prospective AC user, it’s a good idea if you know more or less the causes of freezing or freezing on the AC pipes and the Ac Unit.

Because it is already in the category of damage that is quite severe. Therefore, here we will describe some of the causes and steps that must be taken immediately, if this happens to your AC.

Many AC users may experience something like this. Apart from accumulating dust and dirt, another cause of frozen AC pipes is because the liquid in the freon starts to run out.


Well, what to do with it? To answer this confusion, here are some of the causes of frozen ac pipes and how to deal with frozen ac pipes.

Freon Leaks

Ac units that are too dirty can also cause freon leaks, this is because the dirt that accumulates in the AC unit will erode the freon channels causing cracks in the walls of the freon circulation pipes.

Freon leaks can also be caused by errors in the installation of piping installations. For example, it is not tight enough to connect the connection pipe between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. Or when the process of fringing the AC pipe is not neat.

Therefore, to install ac, a professional technician who has experience in the field of ac installation is needed.

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Even Pelita Teknik provides a Guarantee for 30 days, if there is a freon leak as a result of an error during the installation of the Ac installation pipe, we will repair it free of charge. Not only that, we will also make freon refilling free of charge.

We provide all that to increase your confidence, that Pelita Teknik technicians are experienced people. Therefore for those of you who are around South Jakarta, you can contact us, if you want to install an AC.

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Okay, let’s go back to the original discussion, which is about refrigerant leaks or what we call Freon.

Apart from the two things above, old AC pipes can also be a cause of freon leaks.

Dirt In Indoor And Outdoor

An air conditioner that has been cared for properly can still get dirty, what about an air conditioner that has not been cared for at all? Of course the amount of poop gets doubled or even tripled. This dirt can be seen in the indoor or outdoor parts of the air conditioner.

The indoor unit is too dirty, causing cold air that is channeled through the AC pipes to be unable to be exhaled. This is because the grille on the indoor fins is covered in dirt, causing the moisture contained in the indoor unit to freeze.

Dirt in the outdoor unit will hinder hot air circulation. The heat generated from the work of the compressor and condenser cannot be removed by an outdoor blower. Until it makes the machine unable to work normally.

The solution to this problem is to carry out an Ac washing service, so that the Ac Units are clean from dirt, so that the Ac can return to normal work.

Indoor Fan Damage

Damage to the Indoor Ac Fan can also trigger freezing on the Indoor Unit. This is because the cold background in the indoor pipeline cannot be exhaled by the AC fan. This accumulation of cold buildup makes the temperature in the freon pipes colder, thus making the dew on the Indoor AC freeze.


If the Ac in this condition is still left on, what will happen next is a water leak. This water leak is because the amount of ice is too much to block the water drain in the AC.

Of course the steps that must be taken are to repair the Ac fan. Is it by changing the new Fan dynamo or just repairing it. It depends on the results of the checks carried out on Ac.

Oil Entrance Evaporator

Oil in the evaporator has the potential to cause frost, because the evaporator pipe is supposed to distribute refrigerant because some of the evaporator pipes get oil, causing the heat absorption area to be uneven throughout the evaporator surface and causing ice to form.

Rare to fix it is to clean the refrigerant channels both indoor and outdoor units and installation pipes. That means you have to remove each part of the Ac, then clean it one by one.

The Risk of Frozen Pipes in AC

In an AC system, the role of the cooler is to cool the air before it is blown through the Indoor Fan. When the AC evaporator freezes, the wind that blows will be small and slow.

Ice that sticks to the narrow gap between the evaporator fins blocks the circulation of the wind that is blown through the indoor fan. If this phenomenon lasts a long time, it will make the ice thicker and cause a complete blockage, in the air circulation channel, the role of the AC evaporator will not function normally.

When the area of ​​hot air transfer becomes reduced due to ice covering on the surface of the pipes, fins and spokes, the heat transfer process of the refrigerant air is significantly reduced , thereby reducing the cooling capacity of the room.

If the AC unit freezes for a long time, it will cause migration of the risk of being oxidized by the evaporator which is designed from metals such as copper, aluminum, thermal conductivity.

Another thing that can happen from freezing in the air conditioner is the occurrence of water leaks in the indoor part. Leaking water in this indoor unit can later cause other problems, namely damage to the sensor or even the digital module, if the water from the AC leak hits a part of the digital Ac digital module sensor.

Freezing cold water is a phenomenon that is not good for your air conditioning system. So, when these signs are detected, you must immediately check to find out the cause that resulted in a frozen Ac pipe because if this is allowed to drag on it will actually cause other damage that shouldn’t be happening. Which in the end actually adds up to a lot of repair costs, because the damage can spread to other parts of the Ac components.

Considering that the risk is quite large to solve this problem, we suggest that you use AC Service or Repair Services in your area.

Because it takes a long time to find the cause of the leak. Given the many parts that must be checked. Not to mention the varying difficulty levels when repairing leaks. It would be very impossible if done by ordinary people without sufficient experience.

But once again, if you are around South Jakarta, we Pelita Teknik are ready to help solve problems with your AC.

Thus the review about, Recognize  the Causes of Frozen AC Pipes. hopefully useful and can add to your insight.


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