Disadvantages And Advantages Of Bottom Gallon Dispensers

Planning to buy a dispenser maybe a gallon bottom dispenser to suit your needs. But before that, it’s good to know the advantages and disadvantages of the bottom gallon dispenser below. We will review in full!

A gallon water dispenser is transformed into a very important household device. For offices and households.
How could I not, with electronic devices such as dispensers, making work more practical.

Not only at home and office, but in several places, dispensers are often used as water storage media. Besides being practical, dispensers are generally equipped with heating technology to cool water.

Using a drinking water dispenser greatly facilitates our daily life. Whenever you need hot water to make warm drinks, brew instant food or the like, you can just press the button.

Likewise, if you need refreshment during the day or when you have just returned from outdoors, all you have to do is press the cold water button, we can immediately enjoy fresh drinking water.

In general, in the market, there are two types of dispensers. The first is the top gallon dispenser, then the second is the bottom gallon dispenser. Both of them have a similar function in principle.

Of course, both types of dispensers have their own advantages and disadvantages.

So, on this occasion, our team from Pelita Teknik will share a review of the advantages and disadvantages or weaknesses of the bottom gallon dispenser.

Hopefully the reviews with this review can add insight and can be used as a reference when you want to buy a dispenser.

With the appearance of the lower gallon dispenser, it is possible to cover the shortcomings of the upper gallon dispenser. And this type of dispenser is claimed to be better than the top gallon dispenser.

Is it true? To find out the answer, see the review below.

We will try to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the bottom gallon dispenser.

Listen to the end, OK!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bottom Gallon Dispensers

1. Advantages

Hot and Cold Faster

The first advantage of the bottom gallon dispenser is that it heats up and cools down faster.
That’s because, the bottom gallon dispenser is equipped with a more up-to-date technology.

This will be an advantage in itself, because by heating and cooling faster, you will save a lot of time.

Save Energy During the Installation Process

The second advantage is that it can save energy during the process of installing gallons of water.
Because, unlike the top gallon dispenser which has to lift the gallon when replacing the empty gallon with a new one.

When using the lower gallon dispenser, you only need to slide the gallon to be placed in the dispenser.
That way, you don’t have to bother spending a lot of energy.

In addition, this type of dispenser is ideal if there are no family members at home who can lift western goods.

Looks Better

On average, the bottom gallon dispenser has a much more modern and beautiful and futuristic appearance. With a futuristic design, of course it will add beauty, and is very suitable to be placed in an open space. Highly recommended if used for offices.

If you often consider this before buying electronics, then the bottom gallon dispenser can be the right choice.

Safe for Children

Are there small children at home? For security reasons, you can choose a bottom gallon dispenser. Because the size of this dispenser is on average high, so it is difficult for children to reach.

In addition, bottom gallon dispensers are usually equipped with a safety lock. A technology that allows hot water to not come out immediately if the button is pressed.

The way the safety lock feature works is to make the button or dispenser faucet locked, so that when pressed, water cannot flow out.

Not Easy to Spill

Spills a lot when installing the top gallon dispenser?

You won’t experience that if you use the bottom gallon dispenser. That’s because the gallon isn’t on top, so spills or flooding near the dispenser are impossible.

With the addition of a component in the form of a water pump, which allows gallons of water to be placed below.
The function of the popma dispenser itself is to drain water from gallons to the water dispenser reservoir tubes.

Next, we will discuss the weaknesses of this type of dispenser. All products must have flaws, even though they are equipped with advanced features and technology.

2. Deficiencies

More expensive

With the advantages described above, the lower gallon dispenser ò becomes an obstacle.

Water Often Does Not Rise

The problem that often occurs when using a bottom gallon dispenser is water that does not rise.

There are many causes for the water not wanting to rise, including the lack of tightness when installing the water suction stick in the gallon. so that the pump cannot work optimally.

Another reason could also be due to a problem with the sensor on the water reservoir tube. So the pump doesn’t want to work.

Damage will be very annoying when the dispenser is really needed.

To solve this problem, those of you who are in the South Jakarta area can contact Pelita Teknik.

We Pelita Teknik will send a technician to your home to check and repair the damage that has occurred to your dispenser.

Much More Expensive Spare Parts

With a higher price, the automatic bottom gallon dispenser parts will also be more expensive. Besides being expensive, there are also more components for the bottom gallon dispenser. Therefore, before buying this type of dispenser, you should consider it carefully.

Expensive Parts

The more sophisticated an electronic device, the more sophisticated components it requires. The price of the component or spare parts is definitely more expensive.

So you have to reach deeper into your pocket, when there is a replacement of spare parts or spare parts.

Cannot be used if the power is off

The last drawback of the lower gallon dispenser is that it cannot be used if the electricity in the house is off. Unlike the top gallon dispenser which can be used when the power is off, the top gallon dispenser is the opposite.

It can’t be used if the power goes out because the pump to suck up water from the bottom up can’t be used.

Yes, the pump in the bottom gallon dispenser only works when electricity is flowing. Okay, Pelita Teknik

friends , those were some of the advantages and disadvantages of the bottom gallon dispenser. Hopefully this review is useful for all of you. Get other useful information with Pelita Teknik.

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