7 Easy Ways to Reset a Samsung AC Remote (Fahrenheit To Celsius)

7 ways to reset a Samsung ac remote from F (fahrenheit) to C (celsius)…

As we all know, the ac remote is an important component or part of the ac unit. Even though actually without the remote the AC can still be turned on manually but it’s still less effective and tends to be complicated.

The high position of the indor unit makes manual buttons difficult to reach. Apart from that, in the current Ac model, to activate the Ac manually, the owner also has to open the Ac cover.

Apart from being hard to reach, you also cannot activate the features on the Ac via the manual button.
The Ac remote also functions to activate the built-in features of the Ac, with the Ac remote you can adjust the room temperature/temperature, fan speed, swing height, and other additional features available on your Ac. And all the features on Ac can only be activated via the remote.In addition to turning off/on Ac, as well as activating the existing features on remote Ac, Ac has also experienced significant development. Not just being a tool to control the Ac remotely, the remote Ac can also function as a tool to check for damage to the Ac when the Ac is having problems.

Our article this time relates to handling problems with Samsung Acs, specifically the Samsung Ac remote. Problems with the Samsung AC remote can occur due to several factors including pressing the wrong button which causes the settings on the remote AC to change, it could also be because the circuit on the remote PCB is dirty, resulting in an error.

One of the problems that often occurs with Samsung ac remotes is a change in the display of the temperature unit on the remote screen. In general, the temperature unit on an ac remote uses the Celsius unit (C), but you can also use the Farenhet (F) unit.Changes from Celsius (C) to Farenhet (F) can occur due to accidental pressing of the remote button causing the remote settings to change, but this change can also be an indication of a problem with your Ac remote.

If this change occurs due to a problem with the remote it will result in the remote not functioning properly, for example you cannot adjust the fan speed, the on – off button sometimes works sometimes not.

Problems like the ones we wrote above can generally be fixed by resetting the settings on the remote, so you don’t need to rush to buy a new remote.

The fix is ​​to reset or reset the remote settings, by changing back from Farenhet (F) units to Celsius units (C).

Then how to overcome it?

There are several ways that you can use to change or reset your Samsung Ac remote to return to its initial settings. Here’s how to change Samsung Ac remote settings from F to C.

How to Change the Display of the Samsung Ac Remote from F to C.

1. The first way is to press the F to C button  for three seconds.

On Samsung AC, some AC remotes of certain types already provide a button that shows F to C 3 seconds (three seconds). The location of this button is usually at the bottom of the remote, and if your Samsung AC remote has it, you can simply press the button for more than 3 seconds, as a way to change Fahrenheit to Celsius on the Samsung AC remote.

2. The second way is to press and hold the TIMER 🔻 button for 10 seconds, the temperature display on the remote will automatically change from C to F .

3. The third method is very simple. You only need to press the good sleep button 8 times, the F temperature display will change back to C temperature .

4. The fourth method, press the Auto + Off button simultaneously then hold down the two buttons for 3 seconds.

5. The fifth method uses the Temperature Button.
How to change the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius on the Samsung AC remote, you can also rely on the temperature button, which is abbreviated by the name temp on the remote. You will find up and down or drink (-) and plus (+) arrow buttons. How to change the Samsung AC remote from Fahrenheit to Celsius is to press the two buttons simultaneously for a few seconds.

6. The sixth way is using the Timer button.

The Timer button on the remote Ac does not only function to set the ac schedule to turn off or on when you activate the timer feature, but can also be used to reset the Samsung Ac settings from F to C. The trick is to press and hold the timer button for about 10 seconds, until the display appears. the temperature on the remote will automatically change.
Apart from changing the Samsung AC temperature display from Fahrenheit to Celsius, by pressing and holding the timer button for 10 seconds you can also do this if you want to change the temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit. The steps are no different.7. The seventh way is to use the Mode Button.
To use this method you have to press the Mode Button and the minus (-) temperature button on the remote temp. Press and hold both buttons simultaneously for a few seconds. So how to change the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius on the Samsung AC remote has been successfully carried out.

The methods mentioned above should be able to return the temperature display from Fahrenheit to Celsius on the remote control screen. Apart from the Samsung AC remote control, you might also be able to use some of these methods on other AC brand remote controls. Apply and see how it goes.

That’s a simple way to change the setting or display of the F temperature on a Samsung Ac so that it returns to the C temperature display. However, if the methods above don’t work to change F to C, we still have one more way.

This last method is quite difficult but the success rate is almost 100%, not only ourselves, several people have also practiced it and the results have also been successful.

The trick is to open the lid/cover of the remote, you can use the tespen to pry when you want to open the remote. Before opening the remote remove the battery and make sure whether there are screws or not.

After the remote is opened, clean the remote PCB using eucalyptus oil, clean it with a soft cloth so that the paths on the PCB are not damaged.

If it feels clean, then dry it then put the remote and battery back in. When all components are installed, the remote will return to factory settings. The temperature unit F is also automatically changed to C.

Well, that’s the way to change the Samsung Ac remote settings from F to C.If the last method still doesn’t work, chances are that your Ac remote is broken.

The conclusion from the description above is the problem of changing the temperature display from C to F, can occur due to accidental factors (pressing the wrong button) and it can also be because the circuit (path) on the remote PCB is dirty.

Those are our tips on how to restore Samsung Ac remote settings from F (Fahrenheit) to C (Celsius). Hope can help you.

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