Registration Process For FULAFIA Returning Undergraduates


Seeking a hassle-free start to the academic year at the Federal University of Lafia? As an undergraduate student, knowing the official registration guidelines is crucial. Fortunately, the university management has just released the complete registration process, providing students with clarity and a roadmap for a smooth academic journey.

Federal University of Lafia (FULAFIA) Registration Guidelines

The management of the Federal University of Lafia (FULAFIA) wishes to inform all undergraduate students that they have formally released the registration guidelines for the upcoming academic session. Following these guidelines correctly will ensure a smooth course registration process.

🎓 UniversityFederal University of Lafia
📄 TopicUndergraduate Registration Guidelines
📋 Steps7 Steps for course registration
🖥 PortalLogin required for payment and registration
📑 FormsEndorsement by Level Adviser required
🏫 DepartmentsSubmission at faculty, department, and college
💰 Penalty10,000 NGN for non-compliance
📧 SupportTechnical difficulties addressed within 48 hours

Step-by-Step FULAFIA Registration Procedures

Step 1: Consultation with Level Adviser

Initially, students must visit their level adviser in order to obtain a list of courses for which they are eligible. This consultation ensures that students choose appropriate courses in line with their academic path.

Step 2: Logging into FULAFIA’s Portal

The next step involves logging into the official FULAFIA portal, which is accessible via the following link: FULAFIA Portal. This portal is the online gateway for various academic activities.

Step 3: Payment of Additional Charges

After logging in, students must proceed to pay other relevant charges such as faculty and departmental fees. These charges are compulsory and vary depending on one’s department and faculty.

Step 4: Commencement of Course Registration

Sub-Step i: Navigation to Course Registration Panel

Students must navigate back to the portal dashboard and select the Course Registration option. They should then click on “Semester,” and subsequently choose “Second” to proceed with the registration for the courses of the upcoming second semester.

Sub-Step ii: Actual Course Registration

Following this, students should register for their chosen courses as listed in the consultation with their level adviser.

Step 5: Level Adviser’s Endorsement

After printing out the course registration form, students must return to their level adviser for endorsement. This acts as a final check to confirm that the students are registered for the correct courses.

Step 6: Document Submission at Department and Faculty

Students are required to visit their respective departments and faculties to submit the printed and endorsed Second Semester Course Registration Form (CRF). For medical students, submission at the college level is also necessary.

Step 7: Final Submission to Academic Affairs

The final step entails a visit to the Academic Affairs office, where all students must submit their endorsed Second Semester CRF. This completes the registration process.

Important Reminders and Penalties

  1. Exclusivity of Portal Payments: All payments are to be made exclusively on the portal.
  2. Consequences of Non-Adherence: Failing to adhere to the registration guidelines or missing the deadline will result in a penalty fee of 10,000 NGN.

Technical Support

Should any technical difficulties arise during the process, students are advised to contact FULAFIA technical support via email at Students should expect a response or resolution within a minimum of 48 hours.

The provided guidelines aim to streamline the registration process at the Federal University of Lafia. Following these steps meticulously will not only ensure proper course registration but also aid in avoiding unnecessary penalties. Armed with this information, students can now proceed with confidence in their academic journey at FULAFIA.

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