Audu Bako College Summer Course: What You Need to Know


Are you a student at Audu Bako College of Agriculture, Dambatta, grappling with the challenges of carryover courses or prolonged residency? Good news: The college has introduced a Summer Course designed to offer solutions. The opportunity awaits, but what does this mean for you?

Audu Bako College of Agriculture Introduces Summer Course

In light of the prevailing economic challenges sweeping across the nation,Β Audu Bako College of Agriculture, Dambatta (ABCOAD)Β has innovatively devised a mechanism to ameliorate the academic challenges faced by its student body. The institution is launching a one-month Summer Course aimed at mitigating the academic stressors that arise from prolonged stay due to course carryovers, spillovers, or expended residency durations.

πŸŽ“ CollegeAudu Bako College of Agriculture, Dambatta (ABCOAD)
πŸ’‘ InitiativeIntroduction of a Summer Course
πŸ“… DurationOne month (Lectures and Examination)
πŸ“‘ RegistrationAt the office of the Academic Secretary/Director of Academic Planning
πŸ’° PaymentThrough ABCOAD Consultancy Account
πŸ“ FormTo be filled in duplicate and returned to the office of Academic Planning
πŸ•’ DeadlineRegistration must be completed before the commencement of lectures
πŸ“ž More InfoContact the Academic Secretary

The Duration and Timing of the ABCOAD Summer Course

Immediate Commencement Following Second Semester Exams

The summer academic programme is scheduled to initiate without delay, immediately following the conclusion of the second-semester examinations.

Limited Time Frame: One Month of Focused Learning

This intensive programme will span a concise period of one month, encompassing both lectures and examinations. The short duration allows for focused learning and provides an opportunity for students to clear backlogs, thereby streamlining their academic journey.

Registration Procedure for the Summer Course

Collecting the Registration Form: The First Step in Enrollment

Students interested in enrolling in the summer course should acquire their registration forms from theΒ Office of the Academic Secretary/Director Academic Planning. This form can be obtained upon presenting evidence that the requisite registration fee has been paid.

Making the Payment: ABCOAD Consultancy Account

Payment for the summer course registration is to be processed through the dedicated ABCOAD Consultancy Account. To avoid complications, students must complete this financial transaction prior to the commencement of the lectures.

Duplicate Form Submission: Double-check Your Information

Upon filling out the registration form, students are required to submit a duplicate copy back to the Office of the Academic Secretary/Director Academic Planning. This ensures accurate record-keeping and facilitates efficient administration.

Additional Information: The Academic Secretary is Your Go-To Resource

Liaison for Additional Queries

For any further queries or clarifications regarding the summer course, students are advised to consult directly with the Academic Secretary.

This innovative summer course initiative by ABCOAD serves as a pragmatic approach to educational challenges. It offers a lifeline for students struggling with carryover courses or those who have exceeded their residency duration, allowing them to catch up academically in a structured manner despite economic hardships.

Note: For any further elaborations, feel free to contact the Office of the Academic Secretary/Director Academic Planning.

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