How to Drastically Improve your Creativity Skills

This article focuses on ways by which you can improve your creativity skills; i.e. to be more creative or unlock your creative power. Whether you are an artist or a photographer, baker, scientist, etc., the major aid behind your work is creativity. Creativity is simply the ability to create or invent something. It involves the use of human imagination or ideas to invent something.

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Your ability to perceive the world in a different way, explore different patterns or bring up different techniques to solving problems make you creative. Creativity embraces the concept of ‘thinking outside the box’ and is important for the following reasons;

  • helps capture ideas and visions about the world
  • motivates and stimulates
  • keeps the creators mind active
  • opens up the mind and broadens thinking
  • It instills curiosity and encourages questions.

Creativity is affected by many factors, ranging from environment, personality, mindset, etc. Just like your IQ, your creative ability can be enhanced and improved. This desire to improve creativity is usually found among young people. So the question is;



Follow these ten steps below:


The idea of stimulating yourself simply means challenging yourself to be creative.  Open up yourself to a variety of new sounds, ideas, etc. Take a U-turn from your normal regular activities and take yourself to a movie, read books, meet new people, etc. This will cause more creative ideas to build up in your mind. Make conscious efforts to work and exercise your brain, rather than dwelling on the normal daily routines you engage in. This change in events causes your brain to produce more results whenever you need it to perform.


Meditation helps calm all those rumbling thoughts in your mind and causes inner calmness which gives your mind the chance to have more creative thoughts. Also, if you have a new idea in mind, meditation helps broaden your reasoning and improvement of such ideas so as to make you even more creative. But be careful not to force it, because forcing creativity in turn blocks it.

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Creative ideas usually come during your creative work. So if you are a photographer, an artist or whatever, you must set out time daily for your craft. The more you set out time for your craft, the more ideas come into your mind. As the saying goes, ‘PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT’ and this constant practice helps trigger the brain to improve its creativity.



Perhaps you have been getting your creative ideas from just a particular place or you might have been struggling to get ideas. You definitely might need a change of environment. Don’t be too scared to mix it up a little. Many at times, ideas don’t come up while we are in our comfort zones. We may sometimes need to move and be intentional about changing environment. Also, for some musicians, inspiration usually comes in the bathroom rather than in the studio. So never be too formal or scared to spice it up.

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5.       RELAX

Relaxing helps to rejuvenate your mind and improve creativity. The simple thing you must do is to find what makes you relax. It may be walking on the beach or having a drink with friends or listening to music or whatever. Always try as much as possible to relax your mind. This exercise helps free up occupied thinking space and creates avenues for new ideas to trip in. You come out fresh and ready to take on your world with a whole new different technique.


A hungry man cannot think right. Imagine trying to come up with an amazing idea when your stomach keeps singing to you; crazy right? Your brain cells need glucose to function properly. Skipping meals won’t be exactly a good idea when trying to improve your power to create. Therefore, you need proper intake of proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates which improves your focus. Also, try as much as possible to always stay hydrated. This is because dehydration causes low brain performance


Take a look around you; observe those around you who have been creative in one way or the other. You would observe some form of difference in their thinking or their way and manner of doing things. Dare to be different. Dare to stray away from the normal popular opinion of every other person. There is nothing cool about being ‘normal’. Being different and accepting it might just be the key to actualizing your creative abilities in your craft. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and ideas which may be different from popular opinion because that right there may be what makes you creative.

8.       READING

Reading stimulates your mind far more than any technique mentioned above.

When you read, you expose your mind to other ways of thinking and approaching tasks. Reading is clearly not everyone’s favorite thing. But start small and along the line when you begin to notice improvement, you can as well increase your reading commitment. See the Scientifically Proven Ways to Remember Everything You Read


Another way to improve your creativity skills is to let go of any over-expectation from self or from outsiders. Over-expectations causes undue stress and in turn makes creativity to look forced. Instead, put in love, passion and desire into your creation. This improves the chances of you coming out with an outstanding creation.


Lastly, after applying these techniques, ideas begin to come into your mind from time to time. We are all human beings and there is a high chance of forgetting these ideas. So do yourself a favour and pen them down as they come. In a notebook or draft or text message box; just do well to write them down.

This helps your brain to also move on to other ideas rather than struggling to always remember forgotten ones. Also, the advantage of writing ideas down is that you can always come back to improve and work on them. This make your ideas get better and better and more fine-tuned, thereby you can improve your creativity skills.


In conclusion, we all can be creative. Believe in yourself and never under estimate your ability and power to create. With that, you might become the next big thing in your craft!


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How to Drastically Improve your Creativity Skills

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