Differences & Similarities Between WAEC and GCE

So many people still want to know if the GCE is harder than the WAEC and which one is easier. They still don’t know what the difference is between the two exam boards.

There is no difference between WAEC and WASSCE. So, I will use them interchangeably in this article.

Some people also say what they think based on what they have heard or seen. Some also say what they think based on what they know. In this article, I’ll tell you what you need to know about the two eaxm bodies (GCE and WASSCE).

Before that, keep in mind that the main goal of both the WASSCE and the GCE is to encourage students, especially those in SS3, to continue their education.

WAEC is for students who went to secondary school from JSS1 to SS3, while GCE is for people who want the same certificate of education but are outside secondary schools.

GCE doesn’t care if you went to high school or college or not. You can write to get the certificate.

It’s called “advanced” because the people who write it are smart and it gets a lot of attention.

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What is different about GCE and WAEC?

  • We have WAEC GCE and WAEC SSCE. First, GCE stands for General Certificate of Education and WAEC stands for West African Examination Council.
  • The GCE is an external test (a type of examination for private candidates who do not attend secondary schools anymore). The SSCE, on the other hand, is an internal test (for school students)
  • GCE is also called an A’level, and WAEC SSCE is an O’level.
    The GCE is seen as a more difficult test than the WASSCE.
  • One thing to keep in mind is that both tests can help you in the same way. The original goal of GCE was to help people get a certificate of education after they left school.
  • The West African Examination Council gives three sets of tests each year: the first phase of GCE in January and February, the WAEC SSCE in May and June, and the second phase of GCE in November and December. All of these tests are set up to give you a chance to get a certificate of education.

Similarities between GCE and WAEC

Both can be used for the same thing, like getting into a college or university. It can help you continue your education in a country other than your own.

Do both WAEC and GCE Use the Same Syllabus

Yes, the GCE and WAEC SSCE both use the same curriculum with a few small changes. About 95% of the subjects on the WASSCE are also on the GCE. This just means that WAEC SSCE syllables can be used to prepare for GCE.

Both tests will cover the same material. For example, students of literature write the same thing for both the WASSCE and the GCE. They both read the same book and answer questions from it.

Which is Harder: the GCE or the WAEC?

To figure out which one is harder, you have to look at a number of things, such as the differences and similarities listed above.

GCE is mostly for people who study on their own. It’s for people who don’t go to school. This means that anyone of any age can take this test. In fact, it’s for a wider group of people. Because of this, it is thought to be a more difficult test.

Second, since it’s for everyone, even those who haven’t read a book in years, it seems harder than WAEC SSCE because it’s been so long since they looked at their books.

Even though the two tests have some small differences and some similarities, neither should be seen as harder than the other for the following reasons:

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1. Both exams use the same syllabus.

Since both use the same curriculum, it just means that questions on their tests should come from the same source.

It also means that if a 17-year-old boy can read the WASSCE syllabus and pass the WAEC SSCE, he can use the same WAEC syllabus to take and pass the GCE.

They both read the same books. Nothing has changed.

If that’s the case, what makes you think that GCE is harder or that WASSCE is harder?

2. The exams are conducted by the same body.

Both tests are given in Nigeria by the West African Examination Council. Their main goal is to help people who are still in secondary school (JSS1–SS3) and people who are not in school get a certificate of education. This certificate would help them get jobs, travel documents, and other things easier.

People think GCE is harder for a number of reasons

  • It is written by independent students, some of whom are professors. So the fact that professors sign up for the test shows that they think it is hard.
  • It is taken more seriously than WASSCE. Even though it gets more attention, that doesn’t make it harder to pass. If you study your books, you will do well on the GCE.
  • Fear: Because so many people haven’t read in a while, they think that taking this kind of test isn’t the best thing for them.

Is the GCE harder than the WAEC?

No, GCE is not harder than WAEC because you can use the same books and lessons to pass both exams.

If you read well for GCE, you’ll see that it’s the same thing as WASSCE, but if you don’t, it will be hard for you.

When it comes to the marking scheme, both of them are the same. Both are meant to be helpful to people who deserve it. It all comes down to how fast you work.

Do not let anyone scare you by saying that GCE is very hard to pass. Don’t worry about that person. Both the GCE and the WASSCE are set up to help you.

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