Best Art Courses To Study In Nigeria (Highest Paid)

Best Art Courses To Study In Nigeria

Best Art Courses To Study In Nigeria

Are you an art student who wants admission into a higher institution? This article is for you.

As a student, the course you study or want to choose matters a lot in your academic and life career.

Why? Because in a country where unemployment is the order of the day, you don’t want to study a course that cannot keep you from a jobless future.

More so, some courses have more potential and job opportunities than the others. So, choosing a good course is essential for a Nigerian student.

So, if you are an art student, here are the top 10 best art courses to study in Nigeria that guarantee fast employment.

Let’s check them out!

Best Art Courses To Study In Nigeria

1. Law

Law is one of the most sought-after and respected courses in Nigeria and abroad.

This field will set you on a path to a legal career.

In addition, one of the beautiful things about the law is that it has so many fields you can choose as a career.

Some of the fields are Lawyer, Judge, Attorney, Solicitor, Legal Secretary, Detective, Legal Analyst, Immigration Law, and many more.

Also, whichever field you choose, they are so many sectors you can work as a legal professional.

Some best universities to study Law are UNILAG, UI, OAU, UNIBEN, UNILORIN, UNN, LASU, and Babcock University.

2. Mass Communication

Mass Communication is one of the best art courses you can study in Nigeria.

A degree in mass communication is an interdisciplinary field of study that can lead to different careers, such as public relations, journalism, publishing and broadcasting, and advertising.

Meanwhile, students who study mass communication will be equipped with technological skills, communication and media skills, research skills, and many more.

Graduates in Mass Communication can get job opportunities in public relations, radio, television, newspapers, publishing houses, government organizations, advertising agencies, and many other sectors.

If you love fields like these, you can consider studying Mass Communication.

Some best universities to study Mass Communication are UNIZIK, UNIBEN, LAUTECH, UNILORIN, UNILAG, and UNN.

3. English Language

Another best art course you can study is the English Language.

Getting a degree in the English Language as an art student is a great career, and it’s worth it.

This course will equip you with good communication and research skills.

And yes, there are job opportunities for graduates in this field.

Some common careers in this field are writer, editor, reporter, public speaker, public relations specialist, high school teacher, and many more.

Writing is a high in-demand skill, and writers are well paid.

If you are passionate about something like this, you should consider studying the English Language.

Some of the best universities to study the English Language are UNILORIN, UNILAG, UNIJOS, UI, UNIBEN, and UNN.

4. Theatre Arts

The Theatre Arts industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in Nigeria.

That shows that there are a lot of job opportunities for graduates in this field.

Also, Theatre Arts has a variety of careers any graduate can choose.

So, you can decide to become a script or play writer, actor, theatre director, stage manager, acting coach, costume designer, lighting technician, and many more.

Some best universities to study Theatre Arts are UNN, UNIPORT, UNIBEN, UNIZIK, EKSU, and ABU.

5. Music

Another fastest-growing industry in Nigeria is the Music industry.

Many youngsters are rising in the industry today, and many more will still rise.

A degree in Music will give you a huge advantage over others, especially those who don’t attend school.

Why? Because you will be equipped with knowledge and skills that will help you jumpstart your music career.

Also, there are many careers in Music, such as Record Producer, Music Teacher, Singer, Songwriter, Instrumentalist, Orchestrator, Concertmaster, and so on.

Some of the best universities to study Music are UNN, UI, OAU, Bowen University, Babcock University, and UNIZIK.

6. Fine Arts and Applied Arts

Fine and Applied Arts is one of the best art courses to study, especially if you have a passion for arts.

A degree in this field can be all you need for a successful career, and it’s worth it.

You can start a business or personal brand with this degree.

Most graduates of Fine and Applied Arts are self-employed. That means you might not need to look for a job after graduation from school.

However, there are different careers in this field, and you can choose the one that fits best.

Some common careers are Fine artist, Sculptor, Portrait Photographer, Painter, Art Teacher, Art Director, Illustrator, and many more.

Some best universities to study Fine and Applied Arts are UNIBEN, DELSU, KWASU, UNN, and many others.

7. Linguistics

Another best art course you can study at the university is Linguistics.

Linguistics is a growing and exciting field that has an impact on other fields of study. Some are computer science, philosophy, psychology, artificial intelligence, education, and many others.

Some of the careers in Linguistics are Speech Therapist, Translator/Editor, Interpreter, Foreign Language Instructor, Public Relations Officer, Publishing copy-editor/proofreader, and so on.

Also, there are job opportunities for graduates in this field, both online and offline, like in the other courses I listed above.

8. International Relations

International Relations is also one of the best courses you can study as an art student.

Studying International Relations is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of global issues.

So, what profession can I choose if I study International Relations?

Some of the highest-paid careers in International Relations are Diplomat, Political Analyst, Intelligence Specialist, Lobbyist, and Communication Specialist.

You can study this course if you like to choose a career or profession like this.

9. Criminology and Security Studies

Criminology and Security Studies is the number nine best art course to study in Nigeria on our list.

With the current insecurity in the country, the security industry is growing faster than before.

Getting a degree in this field can be an advantage to yourself and the country.

There are job opportunities in the field, and graduates can get jobs without much stress.

So, with this degree, you can work in banks, government agencies, schools, universities, health care institutions, manufacturing companies, and research firms.

10. Political Science

Political Science is one of the best art courses any art student can study at the university.

It is the study of politics and power from domestic, international, and comparative perspectives.

Many students overlook courses like Political Science, but it is a good course if you have an interest in politics.

So, with this degree, you can work as a Policy Analyst, Legislative Assistant, Public Relation Specialist, Intelligence Analyst, Political Consultant, Attorney, Political Campaign Staff, or Leadership and Activities Director.


Some courses indeed have potentials than others. And there is no point in spending years in school studying a course that does not have a job opportunity for you.

That will be a waste of time. So, if you are an art student, you can consider studying one of the top 10 best art courses in Nigeria.

Why? Because they have more potential and job opportunities than other art courses.

I hope you find this article helpful and will help you make a better decision in your academic career. Remember to share the article with your friends.

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